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Holiday 2023 Gift Tag!


But feel free to continue to download and build your own Franken-Mold boxes!!


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Blank Template

Includes a .png of the blank template

Franken-Mold Standee

Includes a .png of the Standee


Skipper Hoss version

Includes a .png of the Skipper Hoss Version

Grei_Autumn version

Includes a .png of the Grei_Autumn Version

This is just a lighthearted challenge so please be kind to one another and boost people up!

Mummy Book

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Evelyn O'Connell Novel Prop

This was a small project I wanted to do to add another piece to my Lounge. Since you only see the full book for a few seconds I took a ton of liberties and just had fun. A few deep cut easter eggs are hidden as well!


I hope you enjoy and please post photos and tag any of my socials! I want to see it in your cool adventure rooms!

Download you very own copy of this cover to wrap around a book of your own!


Total print surface: 16.24" x 8.5"

Cover/Back: 5.25" x 8.5"

Spine: 1" x 8.5"

Inside Flaps: 2.37" x 8.5"

(Can be printed on 11x17 paper)

Download HERE ->

<- Download HERE

Gifts & Giving

The D&D inspired Holiday gift giving game!

I created this fun holiday game because as a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, everything is more fun when you get to add dice! Feel free to download the images and read the rules or even make your own!
They are both 8x10 and can be printed and cut to size or just printed as is! Have fun!

Feel free to tag me on social media @Skipper_Hoss and use the hashtag #RollForGifts 

Both files: Page 1 and 2


After choosing your gift partner(s) choose your number of gifts and allocate those numbers to the below boxes. Then, determine what each gift theme will be and write it on the line provided. After gift giving has occurred, feel free to write down what fun items you received on the gear sheet on page 2 and attach or draw a fun photo of the day to the top portion. Happy Gift Giving!

At the start of each round, each person rolls 1d20 for initiative. Higher roller goes first. Roll 1d(x) where (x) is the number of gifts agreed upon (ie: 2,4,6,8,10, or 12) which will determine which gift is opened. Once all gifts of that number have been opened by each player, start a new round. Continue until all gifts are exhausted.


- OPEN GIFTS can resume after an EXTREME long rest (365 days)
- Using OPEN GIFTS gives 2 points of exhaustion

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